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Your Jaguar is more than a car for you: it’s your freedom, your way of life. This article features 5 must-have luxury car accessories and options for your Jaguar.


Infotainment systems are designed to make driving safer and more enjoyable. We offer you the most advanced infotainment systems. Connect your smartphone to your car to access apps, listen to music on the best quality audio system and navigate seamlessly to your destination.

The Apple Car Play system, equipped with a simple intuitive interface, is designed to distract you as little as possible, so you can stay alert to the road and traffic. All you need to do is connect your iPhone via USB to use compatible apps through your luxury car’s touchscreen.

The Touch Pro Duo has two HD touch screens, one 10” and the other 5”: you no longer have to choose between consulting information and controlling additional functions, because the system is multi-tasking. For example, you can follow the navigation system on the top screen, and select the parameters to adjust the climate on the bottom one.

And with the Navigation Pro system, you have the choice between different 2D and 3D maps. Saving your favorite destinations is a breeze, and you can use multi-touch control for easy map exploration. For the I‑PACE full electric premium caryou also receive detailed range information, taking into account various factors such as road topology and speed limits.

Discover all our luxury car accessories and options

Exclusive packs

At Jaguar you can compose your car exactly as you dream it , with all the luxury car accessories corresponding to your needs and your lifestyle. You can also choose a pack combining different options. The biggest advantage is obviously that you pay less than if you had selected the options separately.

The Cold Climate Pack is a classic, providing pleasant warmth in winter. If you opt for this pack, you will benefit from a heated windscreen, a heated steering wheel covered in full-grain leather and heated high-pressure windscreen washer jets. Your windscreen will be de-iced and demisted in the blink of an eye and the water in the windscreen washers will not freeze. Ride with a clean windshield, even in cold weather. Some models also have heated seats, both front and rear, offering a choice of 3 temperatures.

We also offer a range of packs with driving aids and options to further enhance the safety of your luxury car. Like for example the Driver Assist Pack, where all the functions are designed to optimize your driving and your safety. What options and what car accessories does this pack include? Adaptive Cruise Control with the Steering Assist option, where a camera and a radar system work together to detect vehicles and lanes for you, so that you always drive in the middle of the lane and adapt your car’s speed to the behavior of the traffic. A 360° Surround Camera System, with four cameras, discreetly integrated into the bodywork, displays a 360° panoramic view on the touch screen. High-Speed Emergency Braking detects for you when there is a danger of a frontal collision. The Blind Spot Assist function helps prevent accidents, also with a vehicle in your blind spot. With Jaguar, you are in good hands.

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Headlights are one of the essential parts of a car. At Jaguar, we use the best technologies for your safety and driving pleasure. All our models are gradually switching to LED headlights and taillights, designed to last longer and consume less energy, and therefore less fuel too. The light quality of the Pixel LED lights matches that of daylight, so driving at night is less tiring. The automatic headlights automatically adjust their height according to oncoming traffic, to avoid dazzling, and the large headlights (AHBA: Automatic High Beam Assist) automatically lower the light intensity when oncoming vehicles. When vehicles have passed, the large headlights reactivate. Integrated LED fog lights combine style and functionality and automatic headlights with dusk sensor automatically turn on when it gets darker. And when you’ve arrived home, your Jaguar is still looking after you: with the extinguishing delay, the headlights remain on for a moment after you have switched off the car’s engine so that you can drive safely to your front door.

Roof boxes and ski boxes

When you go on a road trip, you don’t want to be limited in the amount of luggage you can carry. Fortunately, roof boxes and bars offer a solution. The large, lockable roof box has a capacity of 410 liters and can carry 75 kg. Enough to take the luggage of the whole family for a long vacation.

Crossbars offer even more flexibility when it comes to items to be transported regardless of length and size. Our crossbars, lockable, fitted with the Jaguar logo, are designed specifically for your luxury car. You can mount all the roof transport accessories from our range on it, such as your bicycle, on the bicycle carrier with front fork mounting, which you simply attach to the roof carriers. Ideal for lightweight and racing bikes.

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