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Many users of diesel vehicles, ranging from trucks to small cars, want to improve their engine performance. In addition to a smoother ride, the improved engine power helps save fuel. The dilemma now is how the refinement of the engine’s mode of operation will be carried out. The following lines will describe some tips for increasing the power of a diesel engine.

  • Use an add-on or reprogram its original box
  • Change turbocharger and air filter
  • Install a good air intake and exhaust system
  • Use an add-on or reprogram its original box

An additional box is a small electronic part which is installed at the level of an engine, between the injection pump and the original ECU. This device can trick the car sensor in order to increase the power of an engine. Using this gearbox increases both torque and horsepower. The improvement rate can reach 50% for torque and 40% for power. On the other hand, you have to choose your additional case. Purchasing an underperforming box can damage the original engine and even increase fuel consumption. Apart from this, it is also possible to increase the power of its diesel engine, to reprogram its original box. This method consists of intervening only in the computer system of the computer computer system to modify the internal data. The performance of this method is almost equivalent to that of using an add-on.

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To have more power, the vehicle must be equipped with a more efficient turbo. Therefore, a prepared turbo should be installed instead of the turbocharger. To obtain a prepared turbo, the original turbo undergoes some modifications: it will be equipped with a larger compressor wheel and a more appropriate balancing. The installation of this type of turbo does not require any transformation of the vehicle while making it possible to increase the power of the engine up to 80 horsepower. A dirty, clogged, or damaged filter can reduce engine performance. To maximize the power of a diesel engine, it is advisable to equip the car with a good air filter. This installation will supply cleaner air to the car’s carburetor system. It is therefore important to clean or change it periodically.

Install a good air intake and exhaust system

To have a more powerful and efficient engine, it must be equipped with a good air intake system. This system provides thermal regulation of the motor. In other words, it allows the engine to cool when it reaches too high a temperature. Similarly, when the engine temperature becomes too low, the air emission system can heat it up. Installing a good air intake tube allows the engine to increase its burn rate by a minimum of 20%. Thus, the engine can produce a higher power band. Among other things, it is also advisable to use a good exhaust system that allows not too strong acceleration and produces a lower noise. At the same time

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