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How the repair aid check works

The compensation fund set up on December 15, 2022 was established by article 62 of the AGEC law . It is one of the major tools of the AGEC law and of the principle of extended producer responsibility.

This is an envelope intended to finance the cost of repairing certain consumer products, when the manufacturer’s warranty has expired or when the after-sales service no longer supports the repair.

The sectors concerned are listed by law, and include:

With this repair fund, the State wishes to encourage the use of repairs for certain household appliances and electronic devices. The aim is to finance the costs incurred by individuals who wish to extend the life of their devices rather than throwing them away.

The state repair premium covers 25 euros for washing machines, refrigerators and freezers from 2022. From 2023, it will also cover 25 euros for dishwashers and dryers as well as 20 euros for cookers and built-in ovens (excluding microwaves). Then, from 2024, 15 euros will be added for countertop ovens and 20 euros for microwaves.

This aid can be triggered when the eligible products are repaired within a network of certified repairers .

This is why the AGEC law sets up a structuring of the supply of suppliers. Repairers must join the national network of service providers approved by the State to enable their customers to benefit from repair assistance.

The principle of the repair fund is therefore based on the fact that producers contribute to the cost of repairing the devices they have placed on the market. To do this, eco-organizations collect funding and pay it directly to labeled repairers. By turning to this network of service providers, consumers see their bills decrease.

In addition to repair assistance, the AGEC law (also called the 2021 anti-waste law) is divided into several areas, including that of acting against the planned obsolescence of household appliances . This component notably provides for a series of measures to encourage consumers to repair their electrical and electronic appliances.

Prohibition of the irreparable

Any household appliance placed on the market since January 1, 2021 must be able to be repaired and/or reconditioned outside approved circuits. The repairability index , a score from 0 to 10, informs the consumer of the more or less repairable nature of household appliances and electronic products.

Availability of spare parts

The AGEC law presents several measures concerning the obligation of availability of spare parts for a minimum period of 5 years concerning household appliances, small IT and telecommunications equipment (such as smartphones), screens and medical equipment

The AGEC law creates a repair fund managed by eco-organizations and financed by the sectors themselves. This repair bonus will be awarded to consumers wishing to have their household appliance repaired and repaired to extend its lifespan.

This applies to small and large household appliances out of manufacturer’s or commercial warranty, and not presenting a maintenance defect.

To guide the consumer, the law provides for the creation of a network of certified partners, offering guaranteed and quality repairs. This national network allows you to find an approved household appliance repairer in Paris, such as a repairer in Lille, Marseille or Bordeaux.

Appliance repair assistance

The AGEC repair fund, effective from December 15, 2022, covers up to 25 euros of your invoice: labor and spare parts included. In addition, your device is under commercial warranty for a minimum of 3 months (whether large or small household appliances).

No refund form or online process to complete. The repair fund is paid directly to the repairer. The amount is deducted from the invoice, and you do not advance the costs.s

Choose your niche and a professional repairer comes to repair your device directly at your home. Simple, fast and effective.

No hidden cost, travel, transport and labor are included in our prices. You benefit from state aid for repairs on our breakdown packages.

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