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Cutting gear hobs is a critical step in the production of gears, and gear hob cutters play a crucial role in this process. The teeth of a gear are made by them, and their work is essential to the gear’s operation. Gear hob cutters may be found in a wide range of diameters and are constructed from several materials. Here, we’ll go into the nuts and bolts of gear hob cutters and the companies who make them. Know more about gear hob cutters.

What are Gear hob cutters

During the production of gears, hob cutters are used to remove material from the gear humps. With their help, the teeth of a gear may be machined by removing material from the gear blank. A hobbing machine has the cutter fixed to it, and both the cutter and the gear blank revolve at the same time. The teeth of the gear are formed when a cutter is rotated into a blank gear. Learn more about gear hob cutters manufacturers.

Different gears need different sizes and forms of gear hob cutters. Involute gear cutters, worm gear cutters, and spline cutters are three of the most popular gear hob cutters. Several cutters may be used to make teeth with varying shapes and sizes for various gears.

Cutting Materials for Gear Hobs:

Gear hob cutters may be crafted from a variety of materials, each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. High-speed steel (HSS), carbide, and ceramic are the most frequent materials used to make gear hob cutters. Because of its durability and ability to maintain an edge, HSS is often utilised for gear hob cutters. Carbide is utilised when the cutter will be subjected to extreme conditions, such as intense heat and pressure. Extreme circumstances, such as high heat and pressure, necessitate the usage of ceramic cutters.

Producers of Gear Hob Cutters:

Many companies make gear hob cutters, so you have options. These factories vary in size from one-person operations to multi-national conglomerates. SandvikCoromant, LMT Fette, and Gleason Corporation are three of the most well-known producers of gear hob cutters.

Whether you need cutting tools or a tooling system, go no further than SandvikCoromant. The business makes both high-speed steel and carbide gear hob cutters. The tools manufactured by SandvikCoromant are known for their durability and precision.

When it comes to cutting tools, LMT Fette is another industry powerhouse. HSS cutters, carbide cutters, and ceramic cutters are only some of the gear hob tools manufactured by the firm. LMT Fette has built a solid reputation for its cutting-edge designs and ability to provide tailor-made products.

The Gleason Company has established itself as an industry pioneer in gear technology.

Gear hob cutters, gear shaping machines, gear grinding machines, and gear inspection tools are all manufactured by the firm. Automotive, aerospace, and military are just a few of the sectors that rely on Gleason Corporation’s innovative gear technology solutions.


Cutting gear hobs is a critical step in the production of gears, and gear hob cutters play a crucial role in this process. Depending on the intended use, they may be found in a wide variety of sizes and materials. A wide variety of gear hob cutters are made by a variety of companies, each with its own specialisations and advantages.

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